Our Services


Fremont-Wright's structural engineers have a thorough and consultative process including structural analysis, design, and support through the construction process.


Fremont-Wright's skilled civil engineering teams provide our clients with innovative and detailed solutions from conceptual design through construction administration.


We offer an extensive list of services to public and private clients such as transportation network, intersection/roadway capacity, arterial, and queuing analysis, as well as projections on volume, impact, and more.


Our firms deliver a wide range of architecture & design services ranging from master planning to interior design, with a focus on making buildings more space efficient, environmentally friendly, and suited for the latest technology.

Land Surveying

Fremont-Wright's firms employ a number of survey teams providing a full suite of land surveying services including ALTA/ASCM title surveys, staking, easements, site plans, topographic surveys, and zoning plats.

Aerial Surveying

Through aerial photogrammetry, LiDAR, and remote services, Fremont-Wright is able to provide insights and analysis with highly accurate digital imagery and contour data to help map roadways, rail, corridors, and airports.

Land Use Planning

Fremont-Wright partners with our clients through the entire land planning process for commercial, industrial, institutional, residential, and mixed use projects, from annexations to code review and permitting to project management.

Fremont-Wright has a number of firms that specialize in Wetlands, Floodwater, Sewage, and Traffic Control providing insight and solutions to complicated issues at the local, national, and international level.

We focus on delivering cost-efficient solutions to challenging problems within site-specific constraints. Our experience includes commercial and residential developments, public parks, roadways, airports, education campuses, and high-rise towers.


Our staff can provide the technical litigation support for our clients including documentation reviews, written reports, and expert witness testimony.


Our knowledgeable team members work with developers, architects, engineers, contractors, and property owners to expedite the issuance of permits and approval of applications specific to the client's development needs.


Fremont's Wright's clients are able to receive detailed utility analysis and reporting as well as utility designs for our clients across all industries we serve.